General Terms and Conditions (Terms) of hideandseek s.r.o.    

1. Purpose and Application of the Terms

1.1 These Conditions apply to all individual contractual relationships between the client as an accommodated person (Client) and the company hideandseek s.r.o., with its registered office at Husovo náměstí 322, 517 54 Vamberk, ID No.: 07352468, entered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Hradec Králové under C 42244,, (hideandseek) as an accommodation provider, the subject-matter of which is the provision of accommodation in mobile units of hideandseek and the provision of services related to such accommodation. Individual contracts are concluded in accordance with Article 2 of these Terms.
1.2 In the event of discrepancies between the Conditions and an explicit arrangement of the parties under any individual Agreement, the arrangements under the Agreement shall prevail.
1.3 The Conditions may be unilaterally changed or supplemented by hideandseek. The Client is bound by the wording of the Conditions which is effective at the time of concluding the Agreement.

2. Agreement between the Client and hideandseek

2.1 The Agreement between hideandseek and the Client (Agreement) is concluded by filling in the form by the Client in the online reservation system on the hideandseek website (Reservation System) and confirming this reservation by hideandseek by sending an e-mail to the Client's e-mail address. The Agreement may be further concluded outside the online reservation system, in writing or via e-mail communication between the Client and hideandseek by confirming the Client's order by hideandseek or by confirming the hideandseek offer by the Client or by mutual signature of a written agreement.
2.2 The Agreement specifies in particular the specific time period for which hideandseek provides the Client with a mobile unit for temporary accommodation, the location of the mobile unit (especially using GPS coordinates), the price for such accommodation, the method of payment and its maturity.
2.3 hideandseek registers the Agreements concluded within the Reservation System and may make them available to the Client upon request.
2.4 The Agreement is concluded in the Czech or English languages.
2.5 The minimum stay is 3 days (two nights).
2.6 The maximum number of people that can be accommodated in the mobile unit at the same time is 4 adults or an adult couple with 3 children.
2.7 The Client undertakes to enter accurate and true information when reserving accommodation and providing any data for the purposes of the Agreement. If the Client finds that they have made a typo or entered inaccurate data in the data entered in the Reservation System, they shall correct the erroneous data in the system during the reservation process or contact hideandseek immediately in order to correct these errors. hideandseek is not liable for deficiencies in the service provided due to errors or uncorrected errors in the data provided by the Client during the reservation, in communication with hideandseek or in the Agreement. 

3. Price and Reservation

3.1 The price of accommodation (and possibly the price of other additional services) including VAT is stated in the Reservation System, or in the price list of services on the hideandseek website or is otherwise communicated to the Client before making the reservation.
3.2 The reservation of a mobile unit made by the Client in the Reservation System is valid for 3 days from the date of the reservation. By this time, the Client is obliged to pay the full price of the booked accommodation, by wire transfer according to the instructions provided in the Reservation System (unless expressly agreed otherwise if the Agreement was concluded otherwise than through the Reservation System). If the Client does not pay the price by the end of this period, the Agreement expires, hideandseek and the Client are no longer bound by it and hideandseek is entitled to offer the relevant mobile unit for the relevant date and location on its website and otherwise as available for accommodation to third parties. 

4. Cancellation Policy

4.1 The Client is entitled to unilaterally cancel the stay and the Agreement for any reason or without stating a reason, by a written or electronic notice delivered to the e-mail address or through the reservation system on the hideandseek website ( If such cancellation occurs (delivery of the cancellation notice) after payment of the accommodation price by the Client, hideandseek charges the Client and he / she undertakes to pay hideandseek a cancellation fee in the amount of 100% of the price of the relevant accommodation, including VAT, which was canceled.
4.2 hideandseek is entitled to set off its right to a cancellation fee with VAT against the Client's right to a refund of the price paid for the (canceled) accommodation.
4.3 If the Client does not come to the accommodation according to the Agreement or does not exhaust the stay completely, he/she is obliged to pay the entire agreed price of the accommodation. In this case, hideandseek is not obliged to provide the service on an alternative date.

5. Rights and obligations of the parties

5.1 The Client shall arrive at the place of accommodation according to the Agreement at the agreed time. In case of difficulties in finding the place of accommodation, the Client has a representative of hideandseek available, who can be contacted at the telephone number that hideandseek provides to you before the reserved date of accommodation.
5.2 The representative of hideandseek shall hand over the mobile unit to the Client for accommodation at the agreed place of accommodation and acquaint him/her with its functionalities and the rules of its use.
5.3 When handing over the mobile unit for accommodation, the hideandseek representative is entitled to request an identity card from the Client and to record or copy his / her data on the card, only for purposes stated in the hideandseek principles regarding the processing of personal data with which the Client became acquainted.
5.4 The Client undertakes to use the mobile unit and its surroundings in such a way that no damage is caused to them, in accordance with the rules of decency and respect for the environment surrounding the mobile unit, the mobile unit and its future Clients. The Client undertakes to respect the Code of Ethics, which is part of these Conditions or available in the mobile unit in writing or is otherwise made available to the Client so that they can become acquainted with them.
5.5 hideandseek warns the Client that a stay at Aranka and its surroundings may be associated with the risk of injury, harm or other damage to health or property and further warns him/her that they and all persons accommodated in the mobile unit must use the mobile unit and move in its vicinity with due care and caution to avoid these risks and damage. In particular, the Client undertakes to comply with the safety and technical rules for the use of the mobile unit and for movement in the vicinity, which are part of these Conditions (especially Annex No. 2 to these Conditions) or are available in the mobile unit in writing or are otherwise made available to the Client, so that they could get acquainted with them, with the aim of the correct use of the functionalities of the mobile unit and the prevention of damage and risks to the life and health of the Client and all accommodated persons, to the mobile unit and the environment. hideandseek is not liable for any damage suffered by the Client (and all persons who are accommodated in the mobile unit together with the Client) as a result of non-compliance with the stated safety and technical rules. The Client is responsible for his own safety and for the safety of all guests accommodated with him during the accommodation.
5.6 The Client is not entitled to make any modifications to the mobile unit or its surroundings, such as gluing, screwing, drilling, etc. and is obliged to refrain from any manipulation with the mobile unit. In the event of any situation that requires any intervention, the Client is obliged to immediately contact a representative of hideandseek by phone to proceed further in accordance with these Conditions.
5.7 The Client is obliged to properly secure the mobile unit against theft at any time before their departure in accordance with the technical manual. The Client undertakes that if they are in possession of valuables, electronics, money or items of higher value, they will store them in a safety deposit box located in the mobile unit, which will be shown to the Client by a representative of the hideandseek when handing over the mobile unit for accommodation.
5.8 The Client and the persons who share a mobile unit with them within the accommodation shall refrain from smoking in the mobile unit.
5.9 The Client undertakes not to bring objects into the mobile unit which, in reasonable judgment, are associated with a higher risk of damage to the mobile unit.
5.10 The Client undertakes to return the mobile unit clean and undamaged at the end of the accommodation.
5.11 In the event of damage to the mobile unit as a result of an act or omission which is manifestly irresponsible or which is in conflict with these Conditions, the Code of Ethics or safety or technical rules, hideandseek is entitled to demand full compensation from the Client.
5.12 It takes about 30 minutes to take over the mobile unit for accommodation from a hideandseek representative and get acquainted with its equipment and operation. The Client acknowledges this fact.
5.13 In the event of damage to the mobile unit (accident, natural disaster, vandalism, etc.), the Client undertakes to immediately contact a representative of hideandseek on the telephone number communicated to the Client pursuant to Article 5.1 above. If it is vandalism, a natural disaster, injury or other serious event that cannot be postponed, the Client undertakes to immediately call the fire service, medical service and the Police of the Czech Republic at the same time.
5.14 If the Client duly and timely notifies the hideandseek representative of the defect of the mobile unit, and if hideandseek does not eliminate the defect without undue delay, so that the Client can use the mobile unit only with difficulty, the Client is entitled to a reasonable discount on accommodation. In no case is the Client entitled to carry out the repair himself/herself and demand reimbursement of the purposefully incurred costs. However, if the defect complicates the use in a fundamental way, or if it makes the use completely impossible, the Client has the right to the refund of the price of accommodation or may terminate the Agreement without notice period.
5.15 If the mobile unit provides a sauna or other similar equipment, the Client is obliged to thoroughly acquaint themselves with the nature, course and content of sauna procedures (or other wellness procedures), as well as their purpose and effect on their health and organism and their possible health risks. The Client is entitled to undergo sauna and wellness procedures only if they do not pose a health risk to them, taking into account his/her health condition. hideandseek is not responsible for any damage to health caused by undergoing wellness procedures. The Client expressly agrees to perform the above activities exclusively at their own risk.
5.16 The Client undertakes to treat their own health, the mobile unit and the surrounding landscape with care and with due respect, not to burden or endanger them with inappropriate behavior or excessive noise.
5.17 hideandseek is entitled to terminate the Agreement without notice before the expiry of the agreed period of accommodation, if the Client, despite a warning, materially violates its obligations under the Agreement and these conditions. In such a case, the Client is not entitled to a refund or a proportional part of the price and is obliged to pay the price in accordance with the Agreement, as well as compensate hideandseek for any damage incurred.
5.18 hideandseek shall not be liable for any damage incurred to the Client and persons accommodated with them as a result of non-compliance with these Conditions or any other regulations or codes to which these Conditions refer. At the same time, the Client acknowledges and agrees that hideandseek is not liable for any damage to property or health that the Client and any person accommodated with them in the mobile unit suffers during any activities, stay or exercise around the mobile unit and in the surrounding countryside. Such activity is at the risk of the Client and any accommodated person.
5.19 The Client is not entitled to allow a third party to rent the mobile unit or to be accommodated in it or to accommodate persons in it beyond the persons specified in the Agreement.

6. Final Provisions

6.1 If these Conditions refer to any other regulations, codes, technical and safety rules, then such regulations form part of these Conditions and apply, as these Conditions, to each individual Agreement, unless expressly stated otherwise in writing in the Agreement.
6.2 All disputes arising in connection with the negotiation and conclusion of the Agreement, or with the rights and obligations arising from the Agreement, will be resolved in accordance with the Czech law, while for these disputes the parties agree on the jurisdiction of the Czech courts and the local jurisdiction of the general court hideandseek, or the court instantly superior to it.
6.3 The Czech Trade Inspection Authority, ID No. 00020869, with its registered office at Štěpánská 576/15, 120 00 Prague 2, Internet address,, is competent for out/of/court resolution of disputes between hideandseek and Client who is a consumer.

Annex No. 1: Code of ethics
Annex No. 2: Safety and technical rules

– – –

Annex No. 1:

Aranka’s Code of Ethics

1. Aranka wants to be in harmony with the countryside in which it finds itself. This is why we sort waste into plastic, paper, bio and mixed waste.
2. Aranka loves fire and the smell of burning pine wood, but she doesn't like cigarette smoke and butts littered across the landscape.
3. You can go fishing in the pond without a fishing permit, but it is necessary to ask our caretaker Pepe, who can also lend you fishing rods, hooks and bait.
4. Aranka's library is also for the guests who will enjoy it after you. Please don’t take away books from the library.
5. The sheets and towels for the sauna can be used repeatedly by which a lot of drinking water needed for washing is saved.
6. Aranka is located in a unique place. Please treat this place with respect and esteem.
7. Aranka and the place where it is located often attract their admirers; if you meet such a person, please respect that other people have a desire to be surrounded by beauty.
8. Plan your arrival at Aranka so that you will be there at 3 pm at the earliest. However, you can come at any time later if you so agree in prior with the caretaker. Please respect the agreed time.
9. The departure from Aranka is planned so that you leave at 11 am at the latest.
10. Coffee, oil, sugar, cosmetics and other things are in Aranka in sufficient quantity for your comfortable stay; please leave in Aranka what you have not consumed.
11. Please pay upon departure by wire transfer transfer to the hideandseek account for great white and red wine from Nepraš and small delicacies that are not intended for free consumption.
12. Handle fire carefully, keep the ashtray and the fireplace window closed whenever a fire is burning inside. When you leave Aranka, don't forget to close the chimney flap and suction of air into the stove.
13. Aranka is made of quality materials, but it cannot withstand rough handling, so please behave sensitively inside and out and with respect for the craftsmanship and beautiful materials.
14. Aranka is built to make maximum use of renewable resources and rainfall. If you are her guests, try to respect this and use electricity, drinking water and domestic water with care.
15. The way we manage resources and energy is often at odds with the landscape and nature. Aranka hears, sees and speaks, so when you return from your stay, you will receive a short and clear historical chart from Aranka on how considerate your stay was in terms of energy and water resources.
16. We believe that habits can be changed through positive experience. We hope that your stay in Aranka will be full of inspiration, peace and joy without compromise. If you try to be in harmony with the landscape and nature while staying in Aranka, we believe that when you return home, you will retain the habits that you have acquired together with Aranka.

— — —

Annex No. 2:

Safety and technical rules (technical manual) / rules of safe stay in Aranka and the surrounding landscape

All guests staying in Aranka are required to follow all precautions and procedures below to avoid accident, injury or other damage to health or property. The Client assumes the responsibility for the compliance with these measures and procedures by the Client as well as the persons who are accommodated in Aranka with the Client.

1. Fireplace stove - only wood which is prepared at Aranka can be used for heating in the fireplace stove. The fireplace heats up the living space, the sauna and the bathroom. If you want to make fire in the stove, first use crumpled pieces of newspaper and wood chips, which you spread out evenly on the crumpled newspaper. Pull the chimney flap towards you (upper stainless steel rod on the right side of the stove), pull the fresh air intake towards you (lower stainless steel rod on the right side of the stove), light the newspaper with a match or lighter to catch the fine chips and later larger pieces wood on fire. After lighting the newspaper, close the glass fireplace door and wait for the stove to light up. Then close the chimney flap and the air intake by sliding the two stainless steel rods away from you. Place the wood evenly so that the stove is not overfilled and the door can always be closed safely.

2. Gas stove - can only be controlled through the INet box. The guest is allowed to change the temperature in the living space, not to change the overall settings of the INet box. It is forbidden to block or cover the air vents in the living room and bathroom. INet box means the control panel of the Truma gas heater, situated in the interior to the left next to the entrance, above the lower bed.

3. Chemical toilet - the capacity of the waste cartridge is 17 liters, for this reason it is necessary to considerately use the water intended for flushing. If you want to use the toilet, you must first open the toilet lid, then slide the flap; it is controlled from the front of the toilet bowl by a lever that you move to the right or left. Do not throw sanitary napkins, wet wipes, diapers or other items into the chemical toilet. Only use the supplied toilet paper. The water for rinsing the toilet flows as long as you hold the switch on the top of the toilet, the brush for keeping the toilet clean is placed on the wall next to the toilet bowl. After finishing and cleaning the toilet, close the valve and shut the toilet lid. If the chemical cartridge is full, the red warning light on the top of the toilet will illuminate. Do not use the toilet at that time. The cartridge needs to be replaced. At this point, you need to call the caretaker to take care of the replacement.

4. Light in Aranka - it is biodynamic, meaning that it works with a chromaticity close to humans. During the day, white light shines with a proportion of blue light, after sunset some lights are off and only warm orange light shines without the blue component of the visible spectrum, so that your body can begin the processes of regeneration and rest.

5. Gas stove - the two-burner gas stove is ignited by pressing the control knob and placing a burning match or lighter on the appropriate hob. Never leave the hob burning when you leave the room. Always check that the hob is switched off and that no gas is leaking into the room.

6. Outdoor and indoor shower - the outdoor shower is available from the second half of March until the end of October. It is located under the front wall of the facade. It can be controlled by inserting the shower hose with the head into the bayonet quick coupling into the part that is a fixed part of the Aranka construction. The water temperature can be controlled on the part that is firmly connected to the Aranka construction by means of a rotary regulator. The guest is considerate with water consumption being aware of its limited amount.

7. Windows and doors - the guest is obliged to close and lock all windows and doors when leaving Aranka, as well as in case of strong wind or rain.

8. Safe - it is located in Aranka, only the guest has the keys from this safe, the caretaker has spare keys with him in a sealed envelope. hideandseek is liable for items in this safe up to a maximum of CZK 5,000.

9. First aid kit - it is located on the library shelf; it contains basic medical equipment as well as a car first aid kit.

10. Fire extinguisher - it is located on the bookshelf under the lower bed. The device is powder-based. In the event of a fire, it must first be unlocked after removing it from the holder by pulling out the lock, then point it with the nozzle towards the fire and press the cap.

11. Caretaker - the caretaker can be contacted in situations where the guest needs advice or assistance with the operation or control of Aranka. The guest will meet with the caretaker upon arrival, departure or as needed and at the guest's request when the situation so requires. Josef Chalupný alias Pepe (location The Lake) - the phone contact is +420 775 701 000, Otto Zámečník (location The Glade) - the phone contact is +420 724 054 242, Lucie Kristýnková (location Vlčice) - the phone contact is +420 777 987 312 .

12. The caretaker will inform the guest on arrival about the nearest hospital, emergency room and pharmacy.

13. Outdoor fireplace - use only the space designated for outdoor fire, this space is surrounded by large stones to prevent uncontrollable spread of fire into a wider area.

14. Fridge - located under the work area of the kitchen. The cooling temperature can be controlled on the integrated controller inside the cooling compartment. Care must be taken to ensure that the refrigerator does not remain open for a long time and that the energy requirements for cooling it do not increase.

15. Roof windows, roof - it is forbidden to go on top of and move on the roof. In case of approaching rain, both roof windows must be closed.

16. Bang & Olafson Wireless Speaker - This speaker can be connected via Bluetooth settings to your mobile device. The speaker is named Beolit 17. Charging is via 220V. Speaker depletion can be identified by continuously lowering the volume of music being played without guest intervention. The speaker is for indoor use only. Always leave it inside the mobile unit.

17. 220 V and 12 V socket - a double 12 V socket is located under the dining table top and is used to charge 12V devices. It is not permitted to insert devices other than those set up for this purpose. 220V sockets are located: 1x in the lighting of the upper bed, 1x in the lighting of the lower bed, 1x under the dining table top, 1x in the kitchen worktop area. 220V is triggered by a switch located to the left of the entrance door. Pressing the switch activates the outlets and the fan for 1 hour. The indication is a red LED in a 220 V socket in the kitchen worktop area.

18. CO2 - Aranka or also minimal mobile unit; the name itself implies that the size is rather intimate. The occupant feels comfortable and cozy inside. On the other hand, we need to keep in mind that we consume oxygen and exhale CO2 when breathing. Fireplace stove behaves similarly. During your stay in Aranka, it is therefore necessary to continuously ventilate in order to exchange air. If we heat in a fireplace, we ventilate all the more often until the air in Aranka is fresh. Thorough ventilation is necessary during your stay at Aranka and especially before bedtime.  

19. Rules of safe stay in Aranka and the surrounding landscape

Aranka and the nature that surrounds it inspire us with their harmony and beauty. The landscape is a place where we feel safe, but it can turn into a trap and possible danger. This requires ourselves to treat Aranka and the surrounding countryside with respect, caution and, above all, foresight. The nature around Aranka is wild and beautiful and that is also the reason why it makes such an impression on us and we are so happy to return there. However, it is very important to constantly follow important safety principles and recommendations.
The rocks and slopes that model the surroundings in the immediate vicinity of Aranka can become a dangerous place if we do not keep a safe distance from the edge of the rocks or if we enter the slope from where we can fall and be very seriously injured.
If we have children with us, we need to pay very close attention to their safety and make sure that we do not allow them access to dangerous places. Children must be supervised by their parents or another adult who has taken full responsibility for them during any movement around Aranka. The Client is responsible for the safety of all guests, including children.
For your own safety and that of your loved ones, never climb the surrounding rocks, enter their edges, slopes or near them. Keep a distance of at least a few meters from the edge of the rocks.
If it has just rained or the soil is moist from dew or snow, or frozen, move with great care everywhere, so as not to slip and cause unpleasant injuries.
Never climb Aranka or the surrounding trees, leave the high branches and treetops to the birds and the wind, which suits them better.
If you decide to go swimming, never jump into the water, sharp and unexpected objects may be hidden under the surface. Non-swimmers must always wear safety equipment such as life jackets and rings.
Never step on the surface of the pond if there is ice on it. Although it may seem strong enough, its strength may not be the same everywhere and you may fall through.
In the event of an accident, seek medical help immediately, small wounds can be treated with a first aid kit, which is located in the Aranka library. In the Czech Republic, the following telephone numbers are reserved for emergency calls (calls are free):

150 Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic
155 Ambulance service
158 Police of the Czech Republic
156 Municipal (city) police
112 Uniform European emergency number

- - -

Location The Otava

Nearest medical emergency:
Emergency room Sušice, Chmelenská 117, Sušice, tel. 376 530 100
Nearest hospital:
Sušice Hospital, Chmelenská 117, Sušice, tel. 376 530 100
Nearest pharmacy:
Sušice, Americké armády 74, tel. 376 526 672 nebo Sušice, Náměstí svobody 1, tel. 376 523 328
Contact to the caretaker of Aranka, Jiří Lukeš (alias George): ‭+420 603 925 730‬

- - -

Location Vlčice

Nearest emergency room / hospital:
Jesenická Hospital, Lipovská 103/39, 790 01 Jeseník, tel. 584 458 411
Nearest pharmacy:
Pharmacy Pod Jánským vrchem, Míru 397, 790 70 Javorník, tel. 584 440 305
Pharmacy Žulová, Mariánské nám. 29, 790 65 Žulová, tel. 584 437 024
Contact to the caretaker of Aranka, Lucia Kristýnková: +420 777 987 312

- - -

Location The Meadow

Nearest medical emergency:
Emergency room Sušice, Chmelenská 117, Sušice, tel. 376 530 100
Nearest hospital:
Sušice Hospital, Chmelenská 117, Sušice, tel. 376 530 100
Nearest pharmacy:
Sušice, Americké armády 74, tel. 376 526 672 nebo Sušice, Náměstí svobody 1, tel. 376 523 328
Contact to the caretaker of Aranka, Otto Zámečník: +420 724 054 242

- - -

Location The Little Grow

Nearest medical emergency:
21 min, Litvínov, Tylova ulice 661, Litvínov, tel. 725 343 863

Nearest hospital:
26  min, Chomutov, tel. +420 474 447 267, +420 474 447 313

Nearest pharmacy:
17 min, Lékárna U Zlatého Jelena, nám. Dr. E. Beneše 108, 431 11 Jirkov, tel. +420 730 840 230

Contact to the caretaker of Popelka, Milan Vejlupek: ‭+420 728 262 086

– – –

After dark or during poor visibility, be even more careful when moving around Aranka. It is better not to approach the rocks, slopes and water and for any movement, equip yourself with a flashlight made available in Aranka.

If there is a place in the vicinity where entry is prohibited, please respect it and do not enter such a place to avoid injury.  

Do not move around Aranka with an open fire.  

Move around the surrounding countryside quietly and with respect for the birds and animals that live there. 

Always put the safety of yourself and your loved ones in the first place! Aranka and the surrounding landscape will reward you for this.

These Conditions are valid and effective from 28. 11. 2020.