Landscape - a place and the people in it.

This is what can unite us and allow us to share a passion for quality, comfort and an experience. You are constantly asking us if Aranka is for sale, how long her production takes, what the conditions for her location are…

We have prepared a franchise model for you!

If you have the desire for it, we can offer you a mutually beneficial partnership. Thanks to our concept, you will get the peace and security you need to get started. Sharing our experience with you will allow you to avoid the mistakes and losses that accompany each discovery. The partnership we offer is aimed at people who have a healthy self-confidence, determination and responsibility. We are looking for partners who communicate well with others, manage the challenges of everyday worries with the optimism of those who are not afraid of the future, but rather are looking forward to it. Offer us a beautiful place, introduce us to people who like other people and from this a cooperation will be born that will be pleasant, fun and we are sure that it will be financially rewarding.

We have a franchise model for you that will allow you to try what we have tried. Share a genius loci and experience in comfort. And share it with people who appreciate it.

What will hideandseek provide to you?

  • Business concept (know-how)
  • Use of the hideandseek trademark
  • An online reservation system
  • A payment system for online reservations
  • Marketing support, social networks
  • Registration and reporting of reservations online
  • Management of all contacts of those accommodated - availability 24/7
  • Year-round technical support and service
  • The purchase of Aranka from you in case you decide to end the cooperation

What do we expect from you as a partner / franchisee?

  • Correctness, reliability, decency and optimism
  • Initial investment in the franchise
  • Securing the land or its lease for the purpose of locating Aranka
  • Ensuring the operation of accommodation according to the Standards of hideandseek
  • Accepting and respecting the marketing strategy of the hideandseek concept
  • Sharing information about the operation of accommodation with hideandseek
  • Sharing revenues from the operation of accommodation with hideandseek in consideration for the license to use the hideandseek brand and concept

Is this something that interests you?

We look forward to meeting you. Vladimír Pešek will give you detailed information about the hideandseek concept.
+420 603 115 376