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Why is your name hideandseek?

The name refers to a game, to searching, and finding. To the joy of discovering unique and hidden places. To finding peace, oneself, the beauty around and inside.

Why mobile homes? Why not small houses or caravans?

For us, the mobile home is a symbol of freedom. It allows you to be independent of the place and to enter the landscape without leaving traces.

Is it ecological? How?

Ecology and ecological education through personal experience, which is pleasant, positive and without a compromise, is a key motivation for the hideandseek project. The shelter is designed as a sustainable house, so we operate with limited sources of energy. Thanks to the monitoring system you have a constant awareness of the sources and what it means for example in terms of energy to have a long hot shower. We try to cooperate with local companies, Czech manufacturers and materials. But we are not dogmatic and we always take into account all aspects, including operational, economic and comfort of the stay.

How many people does it accommodate?

Always for 2+2 persons. But if a family with three children arrives comfortably it can also fit.

What is the mobile home made of?

It's different. Depending on whether we're making Aranka or Cinderella. The Aranka chassis is one common steel chassis. And so is the floor frame. Aranka has a wooden frame, windows and interior. The façade is made of lightweight aluminium sheet. The insulation is polyurethane-based, with extruded polystyrene in the floor. Cinderella is constructed entirely of wood, including the facade which is made of burnt larch, this is the old Japanese method of Shou-sugi-ban. Wood treated in this way is resistant to wood-destroying fungi and insects. Other materials are technological components - photovoltaics, batteries, electrical cables. Water tanks and pipes are plastic. The roof is made of PVC foil, which allows the water thus captured to be filtered into drinking water.

Does it have to be attached to something?

It is designed so that it does not need hookups for 4 people for two weeks. However, when the resources are depleted, the batteries will be charged by the power plant and the water will be replenished. The drinking water tank has a capacity of 200l and the rainwater tank 500l.

How is the heating solved?

Aranka or Cinderella has a double heating system. Wood burning stove with 4kW output, which also heats the sauna, bathroom and living area. The second source of heat is a Truma gas stove, its hot air ducting extends to several points in the interior. We wanted our guests to be able to gently temper the Aranka/Cinderella gas heating when they are out for half a day, for example, and return to a heated space. In contrast, built-in fireplaces are classic - the crackle of the fire, the view into the fireplace and a completely different quality of heat (infrared).

How does the toilet work?

We install several types of toilets in Aranka or Cinderella. You can install a composting separator toilet or a chemical toilet, caravan type with an environmentally degradable product (green chemistry). From the outside, through the facade, full waste cassettes can be replaced. Aranka has additional spare cassettes in the technical area. The waste toilet cassette (with green chemistry) can be poured out in the open air into a dug-out pit, as e.g. caravanners do. The rinsing is done with rainwater.

Can they be transported on roads in the Czech Republic / Europe?

Cinderella is significantly heavier due to the construction and materials used. It weighs 6.4t and we use a crane or a car with a hydraulic arm and a transport trailer to load it. The Aranka is a lightweight compared to the Cinderella. It can be transported behind a car with a towing device up to 3.5t. The living cell is mounted on the chassis as cargo. It is a special use vehicle.

Do I have to have a car insurance, which also applies to motorhomes and caravans?

Liability is only required for the trailer used for the transport of the houses. If someone buys Aranka, Madlenka or Jasněnka without a chassis and we will transport it with our chassis, you need nothing at all.

How much does Aranka / Madlenka / Jasněnka cost?

The final price always depends on the technological maturity and the wood used for the interior lining as well as the specific equipment. For more information contact Vladimír.

Is it possible to rent your mobile home?

Yes! In five unique places in the Czech Republic and one beautiful place in Carinthia, Austria.